To the honor of opening yet a new site to replace the older one, I thought to make an entry about the history of my homepages.

I think it started in 1999, when I was an angsty teenage goth. The site was named Niflheim, a kind of Hell in norse mythology. I’ve lost the content for good, but its layout looked a bit like this:

I used the same font as the band Children Of Bodom uses as a logo on the buttons on the left and in the logo. I don’t have it anymore, therefore empty spaces. The ellipse with a subtracting diagonal ellipse and light emboss was one of the first Photoshop tutorials I made, so it was just “something cool”.

When I became interested in photography and graphic design, I had to redesign the pages. I began to develop a minimalist and clean interface, and while I was designing and drawing tribals, I used the form of the Niflheim logo and made up this:

There isn’t any actual layout for the pages, it came later when I became interested in the color orange, by then my ideas looked like this:

The logo would signify the two sides of the site, photography and graphic design.

As I said, at the time I became interested more in the color orange, and as I were thinking about how to further develop the older circle-logo, I accidentally made six halves with the spike, and the result looked a bit like the sectors of a cut-through orange. Later I developed the brand with the orange (being at the same time a fruit and a color), I photographed slices and sectors of oranges which I thought to use as backgrounds on my site. I wasn’t really good at the time with cameras, so instead I made them into vector images. I got stuck with the first one, which instantly became the actual logo:
First concept

I developed the design for a while, but eventually I got the familiar form I’ve used since then:
First logo

The six sectors would signify the six parts of my pages, frontpage, photography, graphic design, information, finnish pages and feedback. I thought that navigation would be done through the logo with image maps, but it was a bad idea.

The actual pages looked like this:
First page

The name got its influence of Orisinal, a page with cute flashgames. And since ‘orange’ isn’t really an unique name, I thought best to use an s instead of a g.

As my taste changed and I further developed the image of the brand, eventually, about a year ago, I changed the site again to the dark and minimalist design:
Dark pages

As I now am more inclined to photography, I thought it was again time to renew the brand. I thought about making a logo with a lense and the orange inside it or it as a reflection, but when I noticed an illustration of an aperture, I got the idea to rotate the sectors a bit so they would form shutter blades. The original logo had 6 pieces, but since the angle of a single piece is exactly 51,4 degrees, by sheer luck, I got a nice symmetrical circle with 7 pieces (360/7=51,4).

So now by retaining the original image of an orange, I’ve combined both the image and actual content of the pages into the brand. I’ve heard that people see a flower, a sun, a cake and a Trivial Pursuit game piece in it. I guess it’s good that it creates different associations with different people.
Like real art.

A detailed illustration of the development of the logo can be seen [here].

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