Enkelilahti, Finland

Finns should found a new city. In Turku archipelago, near the city Sauvo, approximately on this spot, and name it Angel Bay, Enkelilahti.




Well, below is a great circle, the shortest path on the surface of a sphere, between Arkhangelsk, Russia, and Ängelholm, Sweden.
Arkhangelsk is commonly known as Archangel in English, Ängelholm in turn means Angel Islet.

It crosses mainland Finland’s coastline in this manner:

So, how awesome wouldn’t it be that three different coastal cities named after angels would all be on a mathematically straight line?

Damn awesome, that’s what.


[ Postscript: I cannot give the URL to the map with the path, but you can calculate it yourself at http://www.acscdg.com ]

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