Oranse.net is my personal weblog containing articles of my own art, in illustrations or photographs, or other design-related.
Oranse is my brand, which symbolises freshness through the fruit, uniqueness through the color and the name, and design through the aperture blades in the logotype.
I am Chris Helenius, a media student and part-time graphic designer and photomanipulator from Finland.

I am intrigued by natural, organic and chaotic patterns found from snow crystals to even the topology of cities. I strive for minimalism; to make aesthetic design with the least possible building blocks.
My aim is to change the perceptions and ideas of people through my work, to show something they wouldn’t otherwise see. To change something into that which they would not otherwise think of.

Omglog.com is a linkblog of a friend of mine, these are my contributions.
Flickr is an alternative source for my photos, but not a very comprehensive one.

Personal information can be found on Facebook and Last.fm.

You can contact me by the following ways:

chris.helenius [at] gmail.com
+358 40 7400 339
IRCnet: Nelg

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